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        Chifeng Shenglun Cashmere Products Co.,ltd

        In 1980, the company was engaged in cashmere acquisition?carding.
        In recent years, through large-scale technical transformation, technical introduction and backward equipment and production capacity, and now enterprises have advanced .In 1992,?Chifeng City foreign trade opened?a factory to do the cashmere carding.
        In 2006, Chifeng foreign trade?cashmere foundry factory was transformed into Shenglun.

        Till now, Shenglun :

        I.?The company has become one of the regional leading enterprises of husbandry industrialization in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
        II. The capacity of the company is 200tons dehaired goatswool yearly.
        III. The company has passed?the BSCI?and ISOT001 certification.
        IV. According to the international market requirement, the company can produce 1.5 million pieces of cashmere accessories, such as scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, cashmere blankets, etc. Among them, 98% products are exported to South Korea, Japan, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, France, Britain, Hong Kong more than 10 countries and regions.


        Worsted cashmere sweater



        Worsted cashmere scarves



        Worsted cashmere blanket



        Plants live

        ?In May, 2015, Chifeng Shenglun Cashmere Products Co., Ltd relocatedEconomicDevelopmentZoneTextilePark, beginning it’s new chapter.?

        Honest and credit and common development

        Materials Advantage

        Since 1981,?the company has been engaged in cashmere raw materials acquisition. With 30 years of cashmere carding processing experience, the company?is familiar with cashmere development trend so as to ensure that cashmeres are acquisited with the highest quality and the lowest price each time.

        Cost Advantage

        The enterprise is the?high-quality but low-cost manufacturer in the cashmere industry. It has a broad space for activities, and it serves the market segment of cashmere industry so as to be able to create and sustain overall cost leading position, and make the low-cost position be converted to high-yield profit.

        Professional Technical Team

        The company also has a high-quality and professional research and development technical team. The whole city’s elites about fluff industry?research and development are gathered in the company. These people have the solid theoretical foundation and rich fluff industry operating experience.

        Advanced Production Devices

        ?In recent years, through the large-scale technical transformation, the technical introduction and the elimination of backward device and production capacity, now the company has 1038 sets of advanced cashmere processing devices.


        Set up the time
        Acquisition of cashmere(Tons)
        income(US dollars)


        Wear comfortable
        Elegant and showily
        Unique design


        • Oct 11, 2016
        • Magento

        The style of relaxed and interesting, the quality cut brings the unique fashion vision and the dress attitude.

        • Nov 12, 2016
        • Wordpress

        The style of dress that challenges the inherent classic of cashmere, the dress environment that mergesIn spring andsummer.

        • Dec 11, 2016
        • Illustrator

        Make the design more relaxed and bright, the material is thin and light to breathe, highlight young vigor.


        ddress: 4, textile industrial park, hongshan economic development zone, Inner Mongolia


        撒撒家家按 WeChat
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